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This board is dedicated to the discussion of Governance, which takes precedence over the discussion of Politics.
The main purpose of this board is not about saying something is wrong, it's about seeing how it could be done right via policy.
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Why don't governments impose a ban on alcohol? It's clearly bad for your body, it costs the government more money in lost productivity and crime than they'll ever recover in taxes and other revenue… Why do they persist in keeping it legal?
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true web design.webp
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These are the laziest scams I've seen in my life.
Even if they weren't all posted together, but this just makes it funnier.
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What do you expect from the incandescent?
Btw nice double repeating numbers there
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The incandescent are professional, well-resourced. This is just lumpen scam. The scum of the scams. Begging, really.
>>2587 (OP) 
I have a theory that prohibition never happened. It's just a myth that Big Booze uses to keep the money flowing.
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My theory is that prohibition didn't happen, it's a mythology built by a coalition of cannabis users to try and justify their legality to lawmakers, to claim it's futile to prohibit them.
Meanwhile, dealers thrive on the illegal status, so they work closely with morality groups like Christian extremists to keep it banned. Follow the money!

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What is a G.n.o.s.t.i.c.?
>Order (of)
I was tired of the limited options available and in fighting within the left hand path. I'm not against Kabbalahistic teachings, I learned something else from Europe that wasn't from those books. I don't consider it my personal favorite, yet I can use it as a reference and appreciate what I learned but never practiced their way.
>I don't care how your C, K, or Q variants go in different directions either. They're not for me.
There is an Anarcho-Monarchist theme between three books that are separate.
>I'm not gonna pay for them either, they're public domain
The so-called "Lesser" Key attributed to Solomon, The (allegedly) false hierarchy of Demons, and The Infernal Dictionary are all about the same subject matter.
>Every dæmon (demon or genius) is royalty
>Every one of them has artwork
>All have invocations, etc..
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Well if you prefer eating your dogmas cold...
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dude i love dogmas every individual square mile should have its own dogma
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A dogma in every mile!!
A dogma in every mile!!
very true, Abrahamism isn't for this pope. 
sounds fuckin dumb
fertility? lmao, very dumb

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Is it all a glowie in the dark operation to see how the population reacts?
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>>2611 (OP) 
or... well...
she does not glow in the dark.
she is the darkness.
or she is a ninja *snort*
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Yes yes, everything is under control, you have no freedom, go to sleep sheep dude
Celebritism itself is the operation. Actually, noyes, philanthropism is the operation. There are a few operations going on at the same time.

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the televangelists turn me on, the problem is that I want to turn them off.
how is your sexual relationship with the government?
I just want a erisian trad wife and live la vida loca.
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>I just want a erisian trad wife
Pope, I...
(549.7KB, 1448x2048)
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>>2603 (OP) 
stop it
get some help
pls stop being so horny.
you can be some horny but no to much horny
for example, do you think an anthropomorphic cat with two tails is sexy? if so, you don't need help.
you just need an anthropomorphic cat with two tails. it's very simple and very common fetish
my psychoanalytic sexologist confirmed it to me.
but why a televangelist that look like a gender-bender of trump?
that not hot that too much hot... like you know...
im a man... and she is a maaam *snif* is the tao of horny
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>>2603 (OP) 
>A anthropomorphic cat and a televangelist walk into a bar
Aaaaaa!!! I have an erection!!!!

EAPDJT (1).jpg
(1MB, 1075x1474)
Donald Trump looks like Elvis Presley
one struggle.png
(650.6KB, 1020x1133)
Elon Musk looks like Pol Pot
elvis died at 44 in 1977 (please, don't need conspiracy theorists interjecting).
however, let's pretend he didn't.
that would make donny t around 91 atm.
considering that age is a big campaign issue, maybe might not want to advertise the elvis/trump angle.
(18.9KB, 279x293)
>(please, don't need conspiracy theorists interjecting)
greyface nigga please

(105.9KB, 866x765)
Read image
And, Yes I am a lawyer.
Yes GRSecurity is contravening the "u can't put any additional restrictions not mentioned in the text of this license" clause of the GPL; vs both the Linux Kernel and the GCC "plugins" they distribute subject to their(GRSecurity's) "no redistribution" clause (which has been effective: the source has not leaked: GRSecurity has made it's patches to the linux kernel and GCC proprietary)

The GCC "plugins" are non-separable derivative works, just as their linux-kernel patches are non-separable derivative works. They only work regarding the parent work.

Don't believe me: read the real player case then. Go on. Read it. If you even make some 3rd party program that messes with the look of the other program you can be violating the copyright on the other program. Go read the case. There are others but when I tell you people you just say "DURR WHY NOT JUST DISTRIBUTe A DiFF and GeT aRoUnD the GpL thaT wAy"

Why won't RMS sue? Because he has women lawyers surrounding him who don't want to do shit. That's actually their job: to dissuade RMS etc from taking any Copyright action and upsetting the "GPL-as-effectivly-BSD-Licensed" status-quoe that emerged.

The only courageous one was Bruce Perens who fought abit of the good fight.
Note: ANY of these federal copyright lawsuits would cost probably half-a-million or more for the Copyright owner to prosecute.
RMS's foundation doesn't want to do it.
GPL rots in it's grave.
go to bed mikey and stop creeping on your niece

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¿What if in reality 9/11 was a covert operation by the Bavarian illuminati that ended in disaster due to a OM counter-operation by the discordian society super secret discrete non-masonic non-Eucledian non-masonic lodge of Eris (T.D.S.S.S.S.D.N.M.N.E.E)
which was so infamous that the Japanese communists claimed authorship of the act out of envy and jealousy?
I need to take my pills
>be me, childrens book writer, 1975
>at werk
>manager walks up and introduces me to a 'john harris'
>pulls me aside and sternly mentions 'john is with the cia'
>yeah no shit sherlock. he clearly wants everyone to know, with the suit and briefcase and sunglasses while indoors
>douche manager leaves
>'john' tells me they are expecting a terrorist attack against the twin towers in about 25 years
>yeah no shit. those two huge exposed towers we built three years ago symbolising american global economic hegemony might be a prime target for terrorists?? really?
>'john' says they need me to plant a subliminal hint in a book to help prime people to the possibility and make it less devastating when it does happen
>sir, we write childrens books
>'john' replies thats why they came to us, the kids will be 30 by the time it happens
>john im not an idiot if your agency wants to get them blow them up in a couple of decades then why did you let them get built anyway?
>'john' takes off his glasses
>look we can take care of all the smaller coutnries that pop up in south america, but if we want to get an invasion going against the bigger fish in albania, china or commie korea then we'll need a damn big excuse
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Here's where I stand in common political points of discussion.

Studies have shown that immortality causes HUGE intergenerational income equality. This is why we must extend abortion laws to include anyone OVER 300 years of age.

Consensual warfare:
War is okay and fun as long as it is Safe, Sane and Consensual. Everyone has to fill consent forms before getting shot at.

As everyone knows, it is in our countrys best interest to send all the working age youth to infiltrate foreign lands. This goes without saying.

Religious freedom:
Freedom shall be your religion, you shall have no other religion.

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Contempt of your Courtship.jpg
(22.7KB, 500x334)
I am sick of incest apologists and half-assed laws to cope with backward-ass villages. It sickens me. "Oh but we're not 'close relatives'", oh I've had enough of this.

No incest.

No sisters. No cousins. No fifth-cousins. No two-hundred-eighty-first cousins thrice removed.

Basically, if genetics classify your partner as a human homo sapiens, you're a sick fuck and you need help.
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It's all just 4 dimensional hyperjellyfish fondling itself, no need to get all prude like that. Masturbation is healthy and fun!
Replies: >>2331
If you masturbate and get yourself pregnant, there's going to be a big chance of health disorders in your baby. But also of health orders!
You see X-Men was kind of a sci-fi euphemism for inbreds.
>Facial segregation
We gonna put people with skin care routines into ghetto. Fuck them for trying to look prettier than me!
Preemptive Eunuchs' National Insecurity Security - Governmental Observed Nationally by Eunuchs
All members elected into the Offices of any Governance must be rendered infertile for the sake of the People. If politicians should be balless we ought to make them eunuchs.

(15.9KB, 390x371)
Over the years, I have look in several place for making firearms base books and websites.
With over few options find. Do anyone get some free options of books that should help
future gunsmiths . . .
A firearm is basically a device that contains a controlled explosion and, to build one safely (and that operates safely), you need more than a bit of equipment to do so. The start-up costs are not cheap.

Just to build a Sten (or a crude mock-up of one) from raw materials is a daunting task. Not discouraging you but you may want to do some further research before you think that this is something that you really want to invest a lot of time (and, just as importantly, money) into…
(63.5KB, 1035x277)
Hardware Store.mp4
(7.2MB, 1280x720)
(82.5KB, 640x383)
I actually do have free books that would help you, if you were a human.

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