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Let's settle it: what are the best letters?
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middle to edge iirc
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edging is the best way to read those letters... sexually.
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'o' turns to 'O' when I'm through with it
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i dont get it

can you explain
shadow faker.png
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X. Its dark and edgy like my soul

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MSI - IGW.ogg
(583.5KB, 00:22)
(487.5KB, 914x720, 00:05)
Why are comment sections typically so dumb? I want an actual explanation for this. I DEMAND IT!

YouTube comments are infamous for this. "First"posting is already arrogant nonsense, but that's not even the worst of it. You know what these idiots do? They just type out random lines from the video and click submit.
What braindead shit is that? Why would a functioning human do that? This isn't rare, so many people do this. And you know what's even dumber? Sometimes they don't even type the correct words because they misheard it. People are all hyped up about 'well what happens when computers become intelligent??/?' but I want to know is what happens when people can't pass the Turing test. Did they think the Submit button was asking them to yield all thought processes and kowtow to the Almighty Algorithm?

If you're unfortunate enough to want to know the name of a porn actor and try your luck in the comments... oh you're in for a treat. The most pathetic shit you've seen in years: automated dregs feigning intimacy in the comments of a repost of a repost of a professional, deluded enough to think the person will see it, let alone have a mere neuron of respect for this person. I have infinitely more respect for the person who takes a Twilight Sparkle plush on a date. At least they're having a fun time. At least they know it's a silly roleplaying game. They're not typing the word "Hi" and hoping someone finds that interesting a
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You have been banned for using incorrect grammar. Have a nice day.
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(32.1KB, 860x452)
Poor literacy is kool
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Sonic sez: use correct spelling!
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epic leet haxxor digits
These are the people who are standing between us and bloodthirsty AGI. Pay your respects.

FF11 crown royal.jpg
(47.7KB, 739x415)
Out of the different Final Fantasy 11 private servers, I like Valhalla the most.

Valhalla has TRUSTs, 90 level cap, XP gain rate same as retail. Movement speed is increased, all Home Point crystal warps and outpost warps are unlocked. They have some nice extra content like a unique gear augment system, a few custom dungeons, Dynamis D raids are unlocked. Rise of the Zilart, Treasures of AU, Wings of the Goddess expansions are all unlocked and working properly.

So anyway if you are tried of the slow grind to 75 on the other private servers like Horizon or Eden, then come check out Valhalla.

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>>13343 (OP) 
[spam: https://xj9k.neocities.org/posts/959bda22e994a840a93e4fb82176f877/]

La Peau de chagrin party.jpeg
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should the Erisian Cult have a tl group?
No, but we should hold a lemon party sometime, preferably in Gdańsk.
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wb getting a lemon party started down here in La Paloma, UY?
sexy amalfi lemons.jpg
(34.5KB, 677x420)
I'll bring lemons
lemon-stealing horse.webp
(159.9KB, 1234x1024)
Lemons don't grow in Ice Station Hodge.

(1.6MB, 1387x1000)
The aliens are coming and they are full of cum

(93.6KB, 797x531)
We must look at the world and learn to recognize dystopia not as a futuristic genre with dark alleys amid bright neon lights, or grey wastelands, but as a past and present cancer growing in the open. One we must stamp out.

The image explains itself, but alas! there are those who will see nothing wrong with it. It's a major city.
Where are the cars? Where are the trucks?
This is an attempt by the vegan mafia (vafia) to normalize terror against the icon of modern liberty - the fossil motor vehicle. Tell me, can you ride your penny farthing bicycle over sand dunes? Can it protect you from protesters you disagree with? Do you see the police or army rollerblading down the streets??

Join the fight against terrorism. Buy another car.
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And whadyaknow, *the perfect shape*.webp
(35.2KB, 1288x878)
Now I can carry my girlfriend wherever I desire.
Tbf if Eris wanted us to have nuclear power, she would've put it in the sky or something
I look at the world through the eyelids of pure cum.
(84.4KB, 1080x984)
How am I supposed to feel safe if I'm not personally capable of taking out every other vehicle on the road? How am I supposed to enjoy my commute without a face full of carbon monoxide?

Truly, this globo-homo soyboy NWO lizardman agenda is off the charts evil!
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(261.6KB, 712x480, 00:04)
Roads are dangerous and cars must rise to combat this.
All cars should have guns.

Eris Dysnomia - Official Trailer (English).mp4
(8.7MB, 640x360, 01:50)
Once upon a time there was a thread for this topic. Maybe there still is and I overlooked it. Anyway, recently noticed this title from Kagura Games.
(92.5KB, 640x360, 00:02)
>Once upon a time there was a thread for this topic.

(3.1MB, 393x270)
Does it make you sad to know that your favorite memes will one day be lost to obscurity forever?
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(355KB, 474x474)
It's been 15 years and this meme shows no signs of dying.
(167.7KB, 500x500)
(164.4KB, 500x500)
(325.4KB, 500x500)
This is the hot new maymay friends :)
(18.8KB, 563x310)
memes never die my dear
(137.6KB, 2034x1434)
ignored gay.png
(176.4KB, 500x500)
(214.4KB, 500x500)
(438.7KB, 504x504)
Good new meme very viral-able

(470.8KB, 2048x1538)
>tfw you recruit an ayylmao hybrid to join yr idol unit and the merch still doesn't sell
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>>13308 (OP) 
Look I tried and I tried but THE MAN have made it clear that certain lines can't be crossed with aliens and the public. And if I hide the fact, then I'm back to competing with computer edits and plastic surgery victims.
I'm just tryna give these crash landers a good career, y'know?
I knew porcelain dolls were alive! I knew porcelain dolls were alive all along! No one believed me!

(21.4KB, 590x450)
(7.4KB, 589x450)
What are you grabbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin', Carlton?

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